Celebrating Life in Gratitude & Mourning- Compassionate / Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Presenter: Filipa Hope

This NVC workshop helps us harvest what is most deeply precious within the life in us that lives as gratitude and mourning. You will be guided to deeper levels of inner awareness that liberate us from the shackles of reactive thinking that dilute our ability to embrace the beauty of life as it moves us in pure joy and longing.

Presenter Bio:

Filipa Hope:
CNVC certified Nonviolent Communication trainer. NVC embodiment & spirituality practitioner of Living Compassion. Have provided about 200 onsite public & private workshops & seminars throughout NZ since 2010 – for individuals, parents, couples,
educators, therapists, and communities. Providing NVC as professional learning evelopment for early childhood teachers funded by Ministry of Education.
Provide advanced NVC spirituality & embodiment programs online for hundreds in the global NVC community.
Co-created the book The Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication: A Course in Living Compassion
(2022). Provided all the NVC content for the NVC app NVConnect for mobile devices, developed by Herman Veluwenkamp.

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