Truth in Law

Truth in Law

Presenter: :Fiona-jane:

Navigating Law is often confusing (by design) but when we look at legislation (legal) and the law, we find we have and have always had remedy and its not as difficult as you may think; truth is simple

This presentation will cover:
Trust Law, Natural Lore in equity; finding remedy through the law and how we best utilize this to educate Crown agents and the wider community;
Rights – what are our rights and how we best claim them
Breaking down legislation and how it applies to you i.e. Therapeutic Goods etc
Why seeking external saviours will slow our process – we are our own authority; how to change our status and more importantly, how to hold our position;
Fear and mindset – tipping point occurs when we lose the fear and project the lives we want firstly at an individual level and as communities standing together; Authoritative power is perceived but is not actually existing once it’s challenged;
An overview on where we are at in terms of group actions around the country and how communities are taking back administration of our land using Natural Lore in equity

Presenter Bio:

With a healthy scepticism for authority since childhood, Fi has had her head in law and the legal system since word of the first lock up was announced; and she walks her talk

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