Agorism and the circulation of gifts

Agorism and the circulation of gifts

Presenter: By :Jules:

With challenges around money, jobs and escalating costs, along with concerns regarding CBDCs, biometric IDs, and an impending economic reset, how do we meet our underlying needs and co-create thriving resilient communities?

Agorism and sacred economics invite us to align with universal core principles, and to participate in strategies and solutions that do not depend on “money”.
In this age of transition, there is value in considering and engaging in alternative ways of interbeing that connect gifts with needs so that we might all live in greater abundance. 

This session will look into money, agorism, voluntaryism, sacred economics, alternative trading systems and the circulation of gifts.

By considering what resonates from these concepts, the purpose is to focus on ideas for a tangible “agora” where people are welcome to engage with and embody these principles.

Agorism is a philosophy that advocates creating a shared reality in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges and peaceful transactions.

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