The CE-5 Experience

The CE-5 Experience

Presenter: Jeremy Cloake

Close encounters of the fifth kind (CE-5) is broadly defined as human initiated extraterrestrial contact. It is a scientific and diplomatic initiative that uses a template of bilateral protocols to establish peaceful communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Teams of individuals across the world use the CE-5 protocols and experience various types of extraterrestrial contact for themselves, learning through their own personal experiences as opposed to popular opinion or speculation. Participants share in a diplomatic effort as peaceful representatives of humanity to extraterrestrial civilizations.

This session will be an open discussion with a specific focus on the actual experiences of CE-5 practicioners within New Zealand and abroad. If relevant, we will also discuss disclosure testimonials and compare to mainstream narratives.

The main protocols of CE-5 will be shared with the opportunity to put them in to practise. These will include the basic principles of Coherent Thought Sequencing, Remote Viewing, Out of Body Experiences and related modalities.

A follow up to this workshop will take place on wednesday evening 8th Feb with a guided meditation under the stars.

Presenter Bio:

Jeremy’s professional studies range from neurolinguistics and behavioural modalities to ancient wisdom and noetic science. With a fascination for the unknown, Jeremy weaves his world of sound, sacredness and science through a heart centred love of travel, people, culture and consciousness.

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