Holding on or letting go…shoulder therapeutics 

Holding on or letting go…shoulder therapeutics 

Presenter: Gwyn Williams

This is an explorative workshop inviting a sense of openness and freedom to deal with the contraction that gets played out in posture, shoulder pain and energetic depletion . We will be inspired by the poetry of Chinese medicine and offered practical tools to deal with shoulder and
postural issues.

Presenter Bio:

Gwyn Williams is a movement based therapist that created Zenthai shiatsu over 20 years ago.

The dissolving of division into unity continues to be his inspiration and the aspects of community, connection and contribution are at
the core of the practice.
The art has evolved in movement and intention continues to be based around Thich Knat Hahn’s “ When you touch something with awareness you touch everything “
Gwyn’s work can be explored through his books’ The Zen of touch and Connection to Source” or the Zenthai healing centres in Australia and Bali.

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