Friend of Luminate Membership & Admission to Lunasa Agreement

Lunasa is a private event for members only, organised on behalf of Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust (Luminate). 

Lunasa 2024

  •  Luminate’s purpose includes organising and supporting events and activities that benefit the ecology and provide opportunities to experience and learn about music, arts and culture, holistic health, spiritual & personal development, food resilience, alleviating economic hardship, and other matters beneficial to the community.
  • Lunasa 2024 is a family-friendly, non-alcohol, private event organised on behalf of Luminate for members.
  • Lunasa takes place on private land of substance; the land is not open to the public and conditions of access apply.
  • Membership is open to all people in their private capacity who are willing to voluntarily commit to this agreement.
  • Anyone under 16 years can only attend Lunasa if they are with an adult guardian. Children under 14 years do not need a membership and can attend Lunasa for free.

Members Agreement

  • All members who attend Lunasa are participating with the understanding that they are willingly and voluntarily committing to this agreement.
  • For the purposes of this agreement, any word such as people, friend, member, adult, youth, participant, attendee et al are used with the specific understanding that we are referring to the man, woman, living being (living soul) and not to a legal person or corporate entity.
  • Anyone who signs up as a member, as a friend of Luminate, and attends Lunasa is acknowledging agreeing to and being in alignment with these core values:
    • respect free will and equal natural rights, do no harm and avoid infringing on others;
    • ensure that all actions and interactions are voluntary without demands and coercion, and respect the privacy of others;
    • utilise nonviolent/compassionate communication, rejecting violence and aggression, seeking harmony and peaceful resolution;
    • be in honour and integrity, taking responsibility for choices and actions;
    • value our interbeing, and circulate gifts to meet needs to help co-create abundance for all;
    • prioritise completing the natural cycles and align actions in resonance with nature to benefit the ecology.
  • In any situation of disagreement or conflict, a member agrees to seek remedy through nonviolent communication with another member and with the people who do work from time to time for Luminate, and that resolution and remedy will be sought in a co-operative approach and in alignment with our shared values; members agree not to seek remedy via external corporate legislation, and instead take responsibility for resolution processes within the private capacity as part of the journey to authentic heart-centered community.
  • Participants in Lunasa, and in any event run by Luminate, agree to respect requests regarding upholding the values of the kaitiaki of the land of substance, such as:
    • no alcohol;
    • no glass;
    • no fires or candles or fireworks;
    • leave the forest undisturbed;
    • camping in the open paddocks only, not under trees;
    • minimise vehicle movement on the land;
    • pack out all that you bring and leave no trace; there are no rubbish bins or recycling on site;
    • use only gentle eco wash products to avoid polluting the water;
    • acknowledging that the land of substance has a range of karst formations, sink holes, caves, cliffs, hidden holes and crevasses and a range of other natural and man-made hazards and everyone enters onto the land at their own risk agreeing to take full self-responsibility for themselves, their safety and their belongings, whilst being mindful of all others;
    • no dogs or other animals, (the land has sheep and various birds and wildlife that do not appreciate the attention of dogs et al), unless conditionally with prior approval in writing.
    • no loud music, sound systems or generators in the camping areas;
    • smoke-free and vape-free zones such as marquees, stages, dance floor areas, cafes;
    • emergency vehicle access ways in the camping areas and event site must remain clear at all times.

Friend of Luminate Membership & Admission to Lunasa

  • The Luminate website provides a place for people to sign up as a friend of Luminate member, pay for membership, make a gift contribution, and reserve an admission pass to Lunasa 2024.
  • Membership is for one year from 21st November 2023 – 20th November 2024.
  • Members will receive an email newsletter from time to time, and are eligible to attend events organised on behalf of Luminate during the year; an additional contribution is usually required for an admission pass for the event.
  • To participate in Lunasa 2024, members are invited to make a gift contribution and a minimum amount is required to be eligible for an admission pass; several amounts are suggested for adult and for youth; for example, an early bird gift is set lower than a standard gift contribution.
  • It is possible for someone who wants to pay on behalf of others, eg their family, to enter the details and pay for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 youth  in total for membership and admission passes.
  • The first name and last name and age range of each member & their admission pass needs to match a verifiable proof of name & age document/ID, that may be required at the gate for admission to the event.
  • A valid email address is required on behalf of each member.
  • The membership & gift receipt and the admission pass will be sent by email to the address provided. It may take several days for the transaction to be processed.
  • The admission pass can either be printed or pre-saved to a mobile device to present at the gate for admission. We advise downloading the pass to a mobile device before travelling to Lunasa, as there is no internet or mobile reception at the gate or on site.
  • Any adult paying for any other adult and/or youth agrees to take responsibility for sharing with all the others the details of this members & admission agreement, and it is deemed that all these people are  voluntarily agreeing to uphold this agreement in its entirety.

Admission Passes, Gifts and Refunds

  • Membership payments are to support Luminate, are not refundable, and membership cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged.
  • An Admission Pass is valid only for the named Member and cannot be sold, exchanged or transferred to anyone else.
  • Admission Passes that are lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen will not be replaced, refunded, exchanged or otherwise remedied.
  • A change in personal circumstances, change of mind or inability to attend Lunasa for any reason does not entitle a refund of a gift contribution or membership.
  • Gift contributions are generally non-refundable, unless at the sole discretion of Luminate.
  • If an event has to be postponed or cancelled, we reserve the sole discretion and absolute rights on behalf of Luminate to make any of the following offers: a full or partial refund of the gift contribution may be offered; the admission pass may be transferred to the rescheduled event or to another event; the admission pass may be approved to be transferred to someone else for the rescheduled event;  another remedy or exchange may be offered.
  • If Lunasa has to be postponed or cancelled due to force majeure or any other reason, it is understood that Luminate may not be in a position to offer full or partial refund, exchange, credit or transfer, and there can be no expectation of any particular remedy. Yet we will always do our best on behalf of Luminate to be flexible in making a reasonable offer.
  • Luminate does not provide refunds (in whole or in part) or other compensation for changes to any event program, schedule, activities, attractions, dates, duration of event or for adverse weather et al.
  • Luminate is not liable for anyone’s consequential loss due to changes to the event program, schedule, activities, dates, duration of the event, adverse weather, earthquake, natural disaster or due to any changes, cancellation or postponement et al.
  • On behalf of Luminate, we reserve the right to refuse, revoke, cancel or terminate anyone’s membership if the need arises, and the fee may be refunded at Luminate’s sole discretion. We may also require additional information from anyone before a membership can be approved.

Notice of removal of implied right of access

  • A purpose of the membership is to clarify that events run on behalf of Luminate are private, and that any implied right of public, commercial or corporate access is removed; access to the land of substance and to all events run on behalf of Luminate is by invitation and prior approval only.
  • Entry onto the land without approval may be deemed as being in dishonour, as having bad intent, as trespass, and shall be lawfully dealt with accordingly and may incur compensation in New Zealand dollars or other remedy.


  • This Agreement may be updated from time to time with or without notice and the most current version will apply in all cases.

All rights reserved

  • All definitions and interpretations are by the writers, all absolute rights reserved, none waived.
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