Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga, Golden Bay, Aotearoa – New Zealand


Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga, Golden Bay, Aotearoa – New Zealand

Join us to celebrate the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh (Lunasa) at the peak of summer, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox.

Lunasa is an uplifting and innovative earth-friendly festival of multi-cultural music, workshops, community, connections and inspiration; a supportive and creative environment for heart-centered people to flourish in resonance with nature.

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  • Lunasa is open to all people in alignment with the “Friend of Luminate” members agreement.
  • You can chose a membership and gift option for up to 2  Adult and 2 Youth (14-18yrs).
  • The default gift is the minimum value to be eligible for an admission pass to Lunasa.


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  • Super Early Bird offer runs until 30th September.
  • Early Bird membership & gift offer runs until 20th December, or earlier if the allocation is reached.
  • Early Advance membership & gift offer runs until 20th January 2024.
  • Standard membership & gift offer runs until 30th January 2024.

Vision and Purpose for Lunasa 2024

Lunasa 2024 is an innovative, grass-roots, earth-friendly festival with a fresh new approach; an opportunity to break with old patterns, focus on what matters most to us, and be in the flow with a collaborative creative energy that resonates with the current time. 


Our intention is for Lunasa to invite presence and connection; to be relaxing and nurturing, energising and purposeful; an invitation to immerse in the beauty and wisdom of nature, to unplug from the matrix without cell phones or internet; to connect with like-minded people who value compassion, freedom, respect, self-responsibility and integrity; to share inspiration, creativity & knowledge; and to enjoy dancing in the open air to a wide range of multi-cultural world and contemporary music.


In this age of transition, we think there is value in considering and engaging in alternative ways of interbeing; exploring aspects of sacred economics, agorism, and the circulation of gifts that connect with needs so that we can all live in greater abundance.


We invite you to join us in co-creating this vision into reality.

About Lunasa

Enjoy a unique range of original and traditional multi-cultural world music from live bands & musicians; producers, djs and sound healing alchemists; influences from world grooves, latin, brazilian, chilean, balkan & eastern european, jazz, blues, folk, roots, reggae, soul, funk; house, techno, psytrance, progressive, sacred bass, dub; sound journeys, conscious dance, balfolk-folk dance, and improvised jam sessions. View music line-up for Lunasa 2024 here.


The workshops include a range of fun interactive sessions, creative arts & culture, personal development, and skills to benefit our lives and our communities, helping us be resilient in challenging times; the knowledge shares include principles of compassionate communication (from leading NVC facilitators), connection & presence, growing food organically, thai yoga, acrobalance, laughter yoga, music, percussion, songwriting, kinesiology, traditional Maori practices, traditional use of cacao & wisdom from Peru, balfolk/folk dance, conscious dance, and lots more. Various sessions are also scheduled suitable for children. View Workshops for Lunasa 2024 here.


Relax and recharge with experienced holistic healing facilitators in Hauora; enjoy healthy food & drinks, and find handmade arts, crafts, clothes and useful things in the Agora (market).

Lunasa 2024 is open to all people in alignment with the “Friend of Luminate” members agreement. The festival is non-alcohol and family-friendly. There are different prices for adults and youth (14-18 yrs), and as always, children 13yrs and younger can attend for free.


Lughnasadgh (Lunasa) is traditionally a potent time  to tune into the natural environment, for extended community, friends and family to be together, to connect with like-minded people, enjoy music and dance, and share knowledge and inspiration, healing and gifts.

Optimise & Thrive

The knowledge and inspirational sharing sessions (workshops) will explore how we can:

  • reconnect and listen to the wisdom of the earth and our ancestors, explore the mysteries of this realm, and acknowledge nature as central to our co-existence.
  • bring in concepts of inter-connectedness, inter-being, co-operacy, reverence and compassion in communication into our daily lives.
  • enhance our holistic wellbeing, our external environment and power of the mind to optimise our lives and thrive.
  • embody knowledge and practical solutions that empower us with the information and skills needed to create resilient and flourishing communities.
  • grow healthy food, save good seeds and complete the natural cycles to replenish nutrients and restore soil fertility whilst avoiding pollution; these are all essential skills to share and put into practice.

Heart Centered Community

The journey to authentic heart-centered community involves embracing and acknowledging difficulties and challenges; we think that techniques from Zenergy (whole people cooperating in a sustainable world) and NVC  (compassionate/Nonviolent Communication) can help us on this path so that people can be heard, be acknowledged, and engage in life on a voluntary basis free from coercion and demands. We want to move beyond labels, judgements, protections and separation, to a realm of compassion, presence and connection.


We acknowledge the massive journey of the past three and half years. The full extent of what we have been through and are still experiencing is yet to be processed or comprehended. Meanwhile the future seems full of uncertainties. For many people the journey has been hugely stressful and challenging at times. Yet, during this time, many have experienced shifts in perspectives, a new sense of awakening, a broadening of insights, a deepening of gratitude.


Maybe you will feel moved to join us at Lunasa 2024 to help with co-creating the reality of heart-centered communities; to bring into being “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.

13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change

Lunasa is about sharing knowledge and empowering people with practical solutions to flourish in freedom and in harmony with nature, along with enjoyment of music and being together in a beautiful environment.


The topics featured in the 13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change are put forward as invitations to explore themes that people might have a common interest in.


If you are considering presenting workshops at Lunasa on any of these topics, or on any other topics, we would love to hear from you with your ideas. And we want to be clear: as always, Lunasa is not about politics, protests or problems.


Lunasa offers a supportive environment for co-creating peaceful solutions to being authentic, self-organising living souls in heart-centered communities flourishing in resonance with nature.

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