Nonviolent Communication – an Introduction

Nonviolent Communication – an Introduction

Presenter: Irma Jager

NVC offers a concrete set of skills that help create life-serving connections with self and others. The form is simple yet powerfully transformative. It is also a spiritual practice which helps us live life with the fullness and freedom. This session will cover the basic 4 steps of NVC.

Presenter Bio:

I first became aware of Nonviolent Communication in 2004 and have actively developed this new language through attending workshops, taking part in and leading practice groups. I have been facilitating NVC courses in the Nelson/Tasman area for the last few years and worked as a communication consultant in the business environment. I am a certification candidate for the Centre of Nonviolent Communication since the beginning of 2020.
I get the opportunity to role-model authentic communication in a range of volunteer positions in community groups (e.g. as part of the Luminate Trust Management Team, Volunteer Fire Fighter) as well as during my communal living with six households in the Motueka Valley.
In my role as a health coach I experience the magic of truly listening and giving empathy to people as opposed to giving advice and wanting to ‘fix’ someone’s problem.

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