Movement fun Circus workshops

Movement fun Circus workshops

Presenter: Jola Siezen

Jola will add her twist to the event with some colourful stilt characters and some Acro/ Contact dance/ Movement fun Circus workshops.

I am Jola Siezen, a life artist a mover a circus performer, acrobat, aerialist, dancer & teacher. I feel one of my gifts in life is to sow seeds of inspiration- to inspiral others to move to create to connect with themselves & other bodies & through this connect more deeply joyfully openly & confidently with life and others and everything that surrounds them. I love play I am a passionate barefoot walker a tree lover an optimist a great believer in simplicity and all things to do with balance. I am a mother a twin sister a friend of all creatures and a lover of life! I am deeply passionate about creative expression through movement and the colour of Circus paints my path.

Presenter Bio:

Jola Siezen, also known as one half of the TwistyTwinz, has been turning herself upside down and inside out for as long as she can remember. She completed a diploma in Theatre and performing arts and a 2 year diploma in Circus Arts (Circo Arts – Christchurch). Over the past 12 years Jola has traveled extensively, performing, training and teaching in NZ, Australia, Europe and Asia. She is a founding member of the Loons Circus Theatre Company and a Guinness world record holder (Three people in a small box) .

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