Love Singing with Love!

Love Singing with Love!

Presenter: Ariathea Duder

A dynamic and joyful approach to singing for self and with others
facilitated by singer, sound healer and song leader Ariathea Duder.(formerly Georgia Duder-Wood.) With significant experience across corporate, educational, community, institutional and therapeutic environments at all levels of ability, and known for her authentic, empowering approach, Ariathea offers true communion through sound.

Simple, easily applied vocal and psychological techniques are taught to help liberate freedom of expression, and opportunities for the more confident or experienced singer to shine. Everybody can build upon innate human connection to song when we consciously manifest love, trust and courage in a supportive, safe space, and above all, have some fun!  

Presenter Bio:

Ariathea is a freelance singer, voice artist, vocal coach, voice teacher and healer working in voice. Her experience spans over being the creator of song for a healing program for higher ground drug and alcohol treatment centre, helping writers read their work publicly through the Master Classes for the New Zealand Society of Authors, Master Classes for Auckland’s The Gospel Project, singing tutor South Seas Film and Television School and singing tutor at Toi Ora Live Arts; creativity centre for mental health.

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