Connecting with Spirit, Ritual and Prayer Offering

Connecting with Spirit, Ritual and Prayer Offering

Presenter: Aurora Celeste

This workshop shares knowledge and guides practices
to solidify deeper alliances with the ancestors, guardians, guides, elements, and all benevolent beings in the unseen realm.

Many cultures throughout the world give offerings to spirits, gods, goddesses, deities and more. So, why do we not give offerings in western culture? How has this disconnect from spirit affected us as a culture? And how can we reconnect for ourselves, the Earth, and our future generations?

The second half of this presentation will be a guided global prayer ceremony for the participants, the Earth and Humanity.

Presenter Bio:

Aurora Celeste is a trained theta healer, reiki channel, yoga teacher, psychospiritual coach, Shipibo language songstress and Shamanic practitioner.

She specializes in soul timeline therapy and is renowned for having the unique ability to heal, restore and align people through song and touch.

Deriving her training from an on-going apprenticeship of ancient Amazonian shamanism she is a living bridge to ancestral wisdom, medicine, and healing.

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