Body-Based NVC

Body-Based NVC

Presenter: Anna Groves
Suitable for: adults, teens

The body constantly sends us messages to guide us through life. When we connect with our sensations, feelings and needs, our actions will become more purposeful. This session will offer a taste of how NVC can change your life by listening to the language of the body.

Presenter Bio:

I am a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer and a Somatic Practitioner. As a trained dancer, choreographer and teacher, creativity underpins all of my work and my approach to NVC is body-based. I am the co-creator of Inner Nature Cards, co-director of Renew – offering online courses + wellness retreats – and the initiating trainer for the Aotearoa NZ IIT. I am committed to ‘living’ the principles of NVC while maintaining a sense of humour, and hold the vision for a world where communication is infused with honesty and care.

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