Conscious Relationships

Conscious Relationships

Presenter: Karma Karuna Saraswati

Life is full of relationships–professional, romantic, family, community; They can be a source of happiness or challenge. Past conditioning, present experiences and our self-view influences how we connect to and communicate with others. Explore yogic practices that assist in positive communication skills and the ability to remain more balanced in relationships.

Participants will be invited to explore in partners their strength and weakness as well as past conditioning they bring to relationships. They will also learn and practice some tools for healthy expression, to direct energy, manage anger and emotions, a breathing practice to create a gap in order to act instead of react as well as a meditation tool to support the development of mindfulness, which is an essential ingredient both for the relationship with ourselves as well as with anyone else.

Presenter Bio:

Swami Karma Karuna Saraswati is an engaging, intuitive yoga and meditation teacher, inspirational speaker, writer and Yoga Therapist with 30 years of experience.

A co-founder and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand, she also travels throughout the world, leading workshops, training yoga teachers, presenting at international events such as Bhakti Fest, USA, the International Yoga Festival, NZ, Yoga Australia Conference, Melbourne as well as guiding spiritual sadhana retreats around the world and offering therapeutic one to one yoga sessions.

She is passionate about sharing an authentic and down to earth approach, weaving together the ancient practices with a touch of psychology and brain science aimed at motivating people to live their yoga here and now.

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