Deepening our powers of observation of the world around us

Deepening our powers of observation of the world around us

Presenter: Herman Veluwenkamp

We would like a clearer understanding of the world, but what do we mean and how would we go about it? Initially, we will explore the limitations of modern scientific thinking, and then we will explore, through simple observations, ways to free ourselves from this and realise a renewed connection with the life around us.

Presenter Bio:

Herman has a Bachelor of Engineering (hons),Certificate in Applied Organics and Biodynamics, and is the author & developer of Garden Augur 2, a Biodynamic moon calendar gardening mobile app useful for looking at objects in the sky to determine what influences there are that may affect your gardening. (￾augur-2/id1560057951).

Author & developer of Garden Aide, a companion planting guide mobile app useful information for gardeners applying Organic, Biodynamic, and Permaculture principles like Companion Gardening, Natural Biological Controls, Dynamic Accumulators, and Crop Rotation for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruit. (

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