Free Your Smile, minimize dentistry

Free Your Smile, minimize dentistry

Presenter: Fre (derik-martyn) House of Timmermans

1. Creating awareness for the new biology of the microbiome, taking away any fear for germs and viruses
2. Creating awareness for the simple steps to prevent dental issues and at the same time boost your immune system
3. Creating awareness for the recognition of the signs of bad and destructive dentistry

Presenter Bio:

Fre (derik-martyn) has been working with holistic dentistry as a private clinic dental surgeon since 1982 and since 2007 in a holistic clinic in Picton. 2022 co-founder NZDSOS and voluntary deregistered as incorporated dental surgeon. Now identifying as living and thriving man Fre, master in the art and science of rebalancing teeth and the oral microbiome. Helping friends co-creating a more beautiful parallel world.

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