Workshops 2023

We invite you to explore a wide range of Knowledge and Inspirational Sharing Sessions at Lunasa 2023. Presenters will share wisdom and knowledge on a diversity of topics – creative arts & music, food resilience, community building, holistic health, yoga, Qi Gong, and lots more to help us bio-optimise and thrive. Most sessions are suitable for adults and teenagers, whilst some sessions are created specifically for the young ones.


How to reserve an admission pass
 to join us at Lunasa


Select membership and gift option 

  • Lunasa is a “Friend of Luminate” event for Members only.
  • Select a membership and gift option for up to 2  Adult and 2 Youth (14-18yrs).
  • The default gift is the minimum value to be eligible for an admission pass to Lunasa.


Get admission pass Add participant details

  • Make sure each participant name and age range is exactly the same as on the proof of name /photo ID required for admission to Lunasa.
  • Please make sure your email is correct. Your membership and admission pass will be sent to the email you have provided.


Pay Membership Fee + Gift contribution

  • Early Bird membership & gift offer runs until 20th December, or earlier if the allocation is reached.
  • Early Advance membership & gift offer runs until 15th January 2023.
  • Standard membership & gift offer runs until 30th January 2023.

Several things to know:

  • Membership subscription is for one year and is valid until November 2023.
  • Members are invited to attend any events run by Luminate over the year; additional contributions for admission may be required depending on the event.
  • The capacity for numbers attending Lunasa 2023 is limited to support ease and spaciousness, and we invite you to reserve your admission pass as early as possible.
  • There is no eftpos or internet available at the event, and very little to no cell coverage on the land.
  • Bring sufficient cash to Lunasa to meet your needs in the agora (market goods, food & refreshments) and hauora (healing zone).
  • Once the request for membership has been processed you will receive an email with a receipt for your membership & gift contribution, and another email with the admission pass for Lunasa 2023. Please allow several days for the transaction to be completed.
  •  The payment gateway accepts NZ debit & credit cards and overseas credit cards, or you can chose to pay by bank transfer from a NZ bank. If bank transfer is selected an email will be sent with the details for payment. Transaction fees are costs for card and bank payments, and are calculated and added at the checkout.
  • The agreement for members is written with care and consideration, to provide clarity and invite voluntary interactions and alignment; so that people can experience a peaceful and harmonious gathering of families and community. By choosing to become a member and attending Lunasa you are confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You can read the member’s agreement here.
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