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A popular aspect of Luminate is the wide range of interactive workshops – the Knowledge and Inspirational Sharing Sessions.

Luminate 2021 will be our 10th festival, and to celebrate this we have chosen a theme that aligns with our purpose and vision: Bio-Optimise and Thrive.

Bio-Optimise refers to: Enhancing our internal biology, our external environment and power of the mind to achieve optimal health.

Lunsasa creates a space of quality knowledge sharing, celebration and connection, respect and support, innovation and integrity, empowering us with new skills to benefit our lives and our communities, inviting us to activate positive change.

Sessions include various forms of yoga, movement and dance, permaculture & organics, holistic health & wellbeing, native & medicinal plants, music, voice, sound healing, traditional arts & crafts, ancient mysteries, sacred geometry, theatre, circus-arts and lots more. The schedule is published on the website later in the year.

Most sessions run for 2 hours. Whilst many sessions are suitable for most age groups, there is also a daily schedule dedicated to young children.

Lunasa Festival itself is a living workshop on many levels, there are many examples that all participants engage with during the 8 days of this intentional community – from structures and decor design with natural and reused materials, composting toilets & solar showers, conscious food, self-responsibility around waste minimization, the integration of technology that empowers us towards self-reliance and ecological sustainability.

It is our hope that transformation will be sparked by participation!


Dedicated to holistic health, wellbeing and alternative therapies, Hauora is a place to relax, be nurtured, and to gather knowledge of the healing arts.

Visit the Healing Space – Hauora to recharge mind, body and soul with experienced practitioners offering a range of healing modalities including: massage, energy work, kinesiology, sound therapy, reflexology and many more. Sessions are available for prices set by the practitioner.

A wide range of health related workshops are scheduled throughout each day, such as: yoga, meditation, massage, diet & nutrition, alternative medicine, therapeutic skills.

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