Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry can be described as “The shape consciousness selects to inhabit in the superluminal domain”.

From the passion flower or a spiraling galaxy, we see patterns, cycles and forms in nature expressed via geometric patterns and the golden ratio.

Since we began in 2008, Luminate has taken great care to embed golden ratio into all aspects of the festival, including the social dynamics.

The festival site layout, alignment of zones, placement of poles, stage design, graphics and logos are all based on the geometry of the rhombic triacontahedron, pentagon, decagon, and rhombic hexecontahedron, providing harmonic resonance with nature, and enhancing ecological consciousness.

The symbol in the new Luminate 2017 logo encodes the sacred geometrical energies of the great rhombic hexecontahedron, which is the hub of the Luminate ‘spacecraft flotilla’, providing heart coherence to community on a local and universal scale.


(Many thanks to Anna Simpson of in Motueka for her creative flair with Luminate’s graphic design.)

‘Spacecraft flotilla’ is a term adopted by the Luminate crew to describe the complex interconnectedness of all the parts of the festival that need to be organized and co-created with a shared vision, ethos and heart connection.


“When we sing-dance-commune and empathize with nature, our hearts and minds create music in the scale of phi harmonics, forming networks that extend beyond, yet embrace, all time and all space.”

Key Terms:
Here’s what it all means!…..

Phi ratio / golden ratio – the proportions that nature uses everywhere! Therefore, to resonate with nature we also work with phi (1.618…)

Fibonacci series – numbers in a mathematical series that are connected by phi, (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…) whereby the ratio between any 2 consecutive numbers gets closer to phi the further along the series you go. So for example, if we were to build something in phi ratio, then we would use 2 consecutive numbers from the Fibonacci series, e.g. 13 wide, 21 long.

Luminate uses this natural order everywhere we can. For example, in our new logo:

  • The width of the sacred geometry symbol and the length of the word Luminate are in phi ratio proportion.
  • The height of the L in Luminate is in phi proportion to its width.

So, down to every detail both big and small we are always looking to work with phi and the natural energetic flow!

Rhombic Triacontahedron (RT)

3D shape made from rhombuses in phi ratio (e.g, length of diagonals are phi ratio). Luminate’s live stage is built based on a RT. In 2 dimensions the outer edges of a RT form a decagon (10 sided shape). The festival site layout and zones are mapped and aligned using the RT/decagon template. Many wonderful energetic properties are associated with this geometry. RTs form pods within the ‘spacecraft flotilla’.

Rhombic Hexecontahedron (RH)

Representing collective heart space, heart hub of community, central hub of the ‘spacecraft flotilla’, a fresh approach to sacred geometry with many wonderful energetic properties. In 2D it forms a ‘star’ shape made from rhombuses in phi. In 3D it forms the hub of Luminate’s ‘spacecraft flotilla’ whereby 12 RTs attach (dock) on each face of the RH which is at the centre.

Great Rhombic Hexecontahedron (GRH)

An enhanced version of the RH with amazing properties. Our logo also encodes this shape.

“As Luminate Festival hosts 5 music zones, 5 workshop zones, village market and many other features, all of the activity zones are connected by this sacred geometry to each other, and to the central heart hub, both physically on the land, and in an organisational sense. Golden ratio geometries reveal the invisible web of living systems. This is how we flow through time-space in harmonic heart vibration coherence….”

About Grayham Forscutt

“ I’ve been making flotilla type Starship clusters for over 25 years, modelling is one aspect, the real experiment is to actualize the geometries as an enhanced auric field. It won’t be long now, when groups of Starseed take flight back into galaxy, not using technology but by sheer intent alone. Luminate is a training ground for post Earth transmigration, an interstellar traveling circus. I see myself as the Starchitect of ‘auric field clusters’.”

Unified consciousness is a state of perfect equilibrium, a dynamic stillness, which is really a continuum singularity, an instantaneous infoverse of evolving conscious information.
This holographic intelligence field or superluminal thought field is the key to the higher physics, a metaphysics of consciousness, that informs time in multi-causal feedback loops.”

“The geometries used at Luminate have been carefully selected to interface with this state of perfected equilibrium.”

For in-depth and cutting-edge research on golden ratio sacred geometry, you may like to visit Grayham’s website:

Special thanks to Grayham Forscutt for his guidance with sacred geometry at Luminate and for use of his modelling images.

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