Responsibility for resources

Taking responsibility for resources

At Luminate we strive to share knowledge, skills and wisdom that help individuals leave the festival feeling empowered, inspired and motivated to live more in harmony with nature, ourselves and others.


We’re all about minimising waste, avoiding creating rubbish in the first place, and tackling this at source.


All participants at Luminate are responsible for any resources they use and must pack out everything, leaving no trace. Here’s some helpful guidance on what to do with any recycling & rubbish, and where to take it once you leave the festival:


  • Make sure you sort through all items, wash any cans or containers that can be recycled.
  • You will need to take your clean recycling and any rubbish items to a council Refuse / Recycling centre, called a Resource Recovery Centre or Transfer Station – see below for directions.
  • You can buy TDC approved rubbish bags at the supermarket for anything that can’t be recycled, and then there is no charge to dispose of your rubbish when you take it to the Transfer Station.
  • Refuse /Recycling centres are signposted on the main roads and have large facilities including a range of recycling bins and second hand shops. In fact, they are also great places to score lots of handy resources and upcycle other people’s “trash”.


Take the Luminate ethos of self-reliance with you; if you have generated any rubbish or recycling then we encourage you to show responsibility and encourage others to do the same. Thankyou!


TAKAKA – 45 Scott Road, Takaka. On the road between Takaka and Pohara, off Abel Tasman Drive.

Open Mon, Wed, Fri, 8.30am – 4pm. Sat 9am – 4pm. Sun 1.30pm – 4pm.

Along with rubbish & recycling facilities there is also a second hand shop which sells items reclaimed from going to the dump. You can visit nearby Labyrinth Rocks while you are there.


MOTUEKA – Robinson Road, Mariri. On the right off SH6 after leaving Motueka towards Nelson.

Open Mon to Sat 9am – 4pm. Sun 1.30pm – 4pm.

There is also a recycle shop which sells items reclaimed from going to the dump.


NELSON – Nelson ReUse & Recycle Centre, 6 Vivian Place, off Pascoe Street in Tahunanui. (close to airport).

Mon to Sat 8am – 4.30pm. Sun 10am – 4.30pm.


As well as rubbish & recycling facilities, there are two reuse shops on site where a wide range of second hand items are available for purchase, including “flash trash” at the front shop.


There is a wide range of accommodation in the Nelson/Tasman region to suit all budgets, from hotels, motels and guest houses to backpackers and camp- sites. There are heaps of places with great food, great music, local artisans, and community events.


If you wish to freedom camp there are local bylaws which allow camping in certain areas, but in many places it is not permitted. Local visitor centres usually have a list of approved places to camp, restrictions may include needing to have “self-contained” facilities.


Some landowners may also be open to you camping on their land if you ask them first.


If you chose to freedom camp:


  • It’s really important that you use your skills of self-reliance and leave no trace. Besides taking your rubbish with you to dispose of properly (see previous page), you will need to be responsible for your toilets needs.
  • Making a portable compost toilet for solids & paper is fairly easy and you can find DIY examples and instructions on the internet. Out in nature away from it all, it can be acceptable to bury your toilet matter, providing it is not near a stream or source of water.
  • Carry a spade. Never leave any toilet paper visible on the land!
  • Avoid the crowds. If there are lots of people already camping, consider finding a quieter spot.

Wherever you go or chose to stay, make sure you enjoy yourself and take care of the environment.

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