Camping at Luminate



Camping is allowed in the open meadows only. You are welcome to use your own materials to create shade and shelter.

  • Absolutely no camping or parking in the forest or under trees. Beech trees can drop limbs at any time, and the forest needs to be looked after to encourage regeneration.
  • Fires are not allowed. There is a fire ban for good reason.
  • Minimize noise in the campsite. Noise must be minimized out of respect for all others.
  • Generators & sound systems are not allowed in the Camp Site.
  • Trading is only permitted in the Village Market by authorised Traders approved by Luminate.
  • It is a condition of Admission that you agree to be responsible for any waste that you generate, to pack out all that you bring and to leave no trace. You are responsible for tidying your campsite after the festival and taking all your rubbish & recycling with you.

Vehicles at Luminate

All vehicles parked in the Camp Site are advised to remain parked for the duration.


  • For Health & Safety reasons Luminate cannot allow vehicles to leave the Camp Site and return.
  • It is important to minimise traffic on the Canaan Road and to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Anyone needing to leave the Festival Site will need to have good reason, will sign out at the Gate, and will receive a temporary re-entry pass. This pass is required along with photo ID and a valid wristband to be approved re-entry.
  • Someone wearing a festival wristband will not be approved re-entry unless they also have the required re-entry pass and matching photo ID. The wristband will be checked and a damaged wristband will not be accepted as valid.
  • The returning Participant(s) will need to park a distance away from the Camp Site in a designated non-camping vehicle park.
  • If you are camping in your vehicle and are considering leaving and returning we recommend you think again – camping is not permitted in the returning Participant’s vehicle park!


Luminate is under no obligation to approve people leaving the Festival and returning. Many events do not permit this. Luminate is willing to help accommodate people with a valid unavoidable reason for needing to leave and return, however this has to be managed carefully. Your understanding is appreciated.


Note: A valid unavoidable reason does not include needing to leave to buy food or get more cash. Participants are required to come prepared for camping in a sub-alpine environment for the duration of their stay at the Festival.


Living Water

Water is provided from a mountain spring source. It is living water and many people understand the importance of access to pure untreated water. You are welcome to boil or chemically treat the water before drinking if you prefer or if you usually only drink water treated with chlorine.


  • Bring your own containers to refill water from the taps provided in the Camp Site and in the Event Site.
  • We need to share this precious resource – Conserve water at all times.
  • Some solar showers are provided in the Camp Site. The water will be warm only when the sun is out.
  • Use your own solar shower bag if you can.
  • Only earth-friendly, biodegradable cleaning and washing products can be used at Luminate.
  • There is a small stream – Gold Creek – approx. 10 mins walk to the north of the Festival Site. Never use washing products in this stream or other waterways, and do not enter the water if you have sunscreen or other chemical products on your skin.

Regeneration of The Native Beech Forest

Luminate Trust and the Canaan Downs Collective have been working together since 2010 to encourage regeneration of native forest and biodiversity at Canaan Downs.
  • The forest is a living ecosystem and is currently showing signs of new regeneration. Any activities that will disturb this process are not permitted.
  • To minimise impact please walk on existing tracks if possible when visiting the forest, leave branches where they have fallen, and do not disturb the forest floor as this can damage the young seedlings.
  • The forest is home to the Powelliphanta, the rare giant native snail. Leave any shells as you find them and be careful where you walk. Do not remove the shells as the snails need to eat them for generating new shells. The beautiful snails are an “at risk” species; thank you for caring for them.
Note: The land at Canaan Downs has natural hazards, beech trees can drop branches and be unstable. The land geomorphology is karst (limestone) with sink-holes and hidden crevasses amongst many other features. Take care where you drive, camp, walk or ride your bike. You enter the site at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety and belongings.

For Women, Families & Babies

Here are some ways you can support Luminate’s ecological sustainability whilst camping and when using the compost toilets:


Babies & Nappies:
Using washable nappies at Luminate is welcome and encouraged. 

There are compost toilets for tipping potties into; wash basins and taps for filling up soaking buckets; plenty of space to rig drying lines or stand drying racks for hanging nappies. Babies are also welcome to be nappy free if the parents are comfortable with this and willing to be mindful of cleaning and removing any surprise toilet moments. As we also request with hair and body soaps – please use only eco friendly soaking/washing products.

If you aren’t able to bring your washable nappy station with you then we encourage you to resource the most ecologically friendly nappies you are able to. We also suggest finding some nappy bags for your used nappies – this will reduce the smell in your rubbish collection.

Please Note: nappies  (unless organic & biodegradeable) are not friendly to the compost toilet system…


For women’s hygiene:
Monthly cycles often syncronise with others at events; please be prepared with your preferred products. 

Moon cups are becoming a popular sustainable option. Washable pads are also an ecologically friendly option for your menstrual time. If you are using disposable sanitary pads or tampons (unless organic) please do not throw them in the compost toilet. Be prepared to wrap used sanitary pads and take them with you to dispose of appropriatelty.


Be Prepared to Take these with you – Never put these in the compost or compost toilet:

Nappies with gel or plastic

Synthetic baby wipes, synthetic cloths ect

Sanitray pads and non organic tampons

Plastic bags


Only biodegradeable materials are suitable for the compost.

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