Zambuko Marimba

Zambuko Marimba

Marimba is an ancient word meaning “many tongues”. Zambuko Marimba weaves the intricate polyrhythmic beats of many marimbas anchored by the hosho, the age-old gourd shakers. Come enjoy the undeniably joyful and simultaneously soulful rhythms of this local group (from Motueka) committed to sharing an authentic expression of this music style from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. This music is the heart and soul of the Shona people, and we accept the responsibility of being ambassadors of this music.

Zambuko means “bridge” in the Shona language. We like the concept of bridging this cultural aspect of Zimbabwe and the Shona people with the west. And of course, recognising in general, that music is often a great connector.

It is truly a pleasure to gather with Zambuko and offer music that is undeniably joyful and simultaneously soulful.

Luminate/Lunasa has always been a treat and one of our highlights each year. We love the opportunity to share our music to an appreciative audience and in the setting Lunasa provides.

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