Good Habits

One of the most exciting new folk duos to come out of the UK, Good Habits’ award-winning, genre-fusing sound has received international critical acclaim in the short 4 years they have been performing.
Composed of Bonnie Schwarz (cello + vocals) and Pete Shaw (accordion), the pair mix virtuosic musicianship and vocal harmony with vivid storytelling, drawing on their diverse musical tastes and weaving them into an action-packed narrative of folky goodness.
Sitting between folk and indie, their upbeat and interactive set guides the audiences through the chapters of their musical adventures, maintaining folk roots of musical storytelling amongst their energetic playing. As an award winning composer and sound designer, Bonnie has worked with Manchester and London’s most established theatres, creating new and innovative sonic experiences. Pete is an experienced performer who bases his style around many different folk influences; from Irish to Klezmer, Pete has performed across Europe and the United States of America.
With ambition and versatility at the centre of their philosophy, Good Habits launched their duo project in October 2019. The standing-singing-dancing band embarked on a 40 show tour across New Zealand, wowing audiences across the length and breadth of the country in the process.
Good Habits follow their glowingly received debut album Going for Broke with their second album Antipody, a record that reflects poignantly on their time spent happily stranded on the other side of the world.
An upbeat fusion of Folk-Jazz-Indie, self described as ‘existential optimism’, Good Habits return to Lunasa for the second time, having impressed us so much with their innovative music at Lunasa 2021.

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