Sonia & Nigel

Sonia & Nigel

Sonia and Nigel are a multi-cultural acoustic duo featuring French-American Parisienne Sonia Wilson on vocals and ukulele, and Kiwi- American renowned musician and composer Nigel Gavin on 7-string guitar and 11-string fretless glissentar.

After touring their French album “Sweet Paname” around the South Island in 2023 – an homage to Sonia’s hometown of Paris, France – the duo returns to Lunasa in 2024 to share a culturally diverse, loop-based and improvised set of songs and grooves, with a few French tunes still in the mix as well.

With Sonia’s background in acapella world music choir singing and sound healing modalities, and Nigel’s boundless musicality and agility on his instruments, combined with looping technology, this duo’s music is bound to entrance, intrigue and enchant.

“We have special memories of previous visits, feel a connection to the land and nature & to the community of Lunasa. We enjoy sharing music spontaneously with other musicians on site, int he improvised jam sesisons, and participating in workshops from a heart-centered place.”



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