The Evolutionary Shift in Consciousness and Law/Lore

The Evolutionary Shift in Consciousness and Law/Lore

Presenter: Melisa Quinn

Combining philosophy, psychology, love and lore we will explore the potentials of how changing our innerworld assists in creating change to our outerworld – the Law in particular.
We have the ability to move away from ‘Human created Law’ back to Lore with our current evolutionary shift in consciousness. We will look at examples of this and concepts/practices that can further assist the process for future generations, such as:

1.Nurturing and guiding from birth to death;
2.Community responsibility and self-enquiry;
3.Reframing our ideas of Justice;
4.Remembering interconnectedness to replace decompartmentalisation;
5.Etymology and intentions of language; and
Future of sovereignty.

Presenter Bio:

Melisa has a Bachelor of Laws at Canterbury University and has been practicing law as a Solicitor in the State of Queensland, Australia, for over five years.

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