Growing good health

Growing good health

Presenter: Sheryn Dean

Starting from the premise that a diverse diet of unprocessed food is the best nourishment for our bodies, lets delve deeper into the properties of food.  We’ll literally compare apples with apples to give an understanding how our our food is affected by every aspect of its production.  From genetics, to the way it is grown, through harvesting and storage, to how it is consumed.  This is not about how food affects us – but about how we affect our food.  Its a huge subject, but you will get an understanding of the ramifications of actions so you can make decisions that improve your nutritional intake – and therefore your health.

Presenter Bio:

I have been growing my own food, researching and writing articles on sustainable living, hosting workshop on my property, and sharing my experiences for over 20 years. I currently edit the OrganicNZ magazine.

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