Authentic Families

Authentic Families

Presenter: Alex and Alicia de la Cour Venning

Embark on a transformative journey with your teenagers through the power of Authentic Relating! If family dynamics have been causing turbulence at home, this is an opportunity to foster deeper understanding with your kids.
We’ll explore tools of Authentic Relating, providing you with practices to bridge the generation gap and strengthen the bonds within your family. Learn the art of active listening and how to navigate challenges with grace. Say goodbye to assumptions and projections as you embark on a shared exploration with your teenagers. Don’t miss out on this chance to build more authentic relationships within your family, investing in the harmony of your home.
This workshop promises to be a dynamic experience, fostering an environment where genuine connection and understanding flourish.

Presenter Bio:

Alex is an accredited and experienced facilitator, including authentic relating facilitation for ART International. Alex has been invited to speak and host workshops across the globe – from Berlin, Bali, Mexico, Austria, and Costa Rica. He is a communications + relationships coach trained in and in ongoing mentorship with Dr Susan Campbell and her ‘Getting Real’ modality of authentic communication.

Alicia is an academic doctor specialised in the dismantling of oppressive structures and a former human rights lawyer (including work with the UN). Alicia has taught in Myanmar, London, Nigeria, and Berlin and had her work showcased across international print, television, and radio media. She has worked with grassroots community organisations, political activists, diplomats, politicians, military officials (of both state and armed opposition groups) to resolve conflict. Alicia is passionate about principles of deep listening and raw, vulnerable and authentic communication rooted in connection to Self as a means to enhance grassroots community, dismantle structural violence, and address trauma + political conflict.

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