2way radio communications

2way radio communications

Presenter: Link Teale

Link will teach about the types of radio communications and what is available to the general public, how and why to use them and how to get the most out of them. Link will share his unique insight on some of the disasters that have happened in NZ and how this relates to the need for a truely independent radio communications network.

Significant time will be spent on antennas, which is key to maximizing communications potential, as well as on how to build communications networks, both locally and nationally, incl international options.

The aim is to teach in plain English for those that know nothing about radios, so that they feel enabled and confident to step into the radio communications arena with an easy to buy kitset that will connect them to their local community and ultimately to a national network of truely independent freedom minded people.

Presenter Bio:

Link is a recently retired industrial electrician, having specialized in automation and control of large, fully automatic, multi pump irrigation systems as well as council pump stations. This includes town water supplies and sewerage stations, often remote monitored and remote controlled, using telemetry (radio signals) and sometimes powered by off grid supplies due to the remote locations.

In his career, as a daily part of the job, he has regularly used RT (Radio Telephone) communications, which often reach beyond the scope of cell phone coverage.

With extensive experience in the audio industry as well, this gives Link a unique understanding of waveforms and their behavior in both the audio and the radio spectrums.

Link is recently licensed as an amateur radio operator (“HAM radio”) and is coordinating the connection of radio groups throughout NZ, both locally and nationally.

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