Leah Luna

DJ Leah Luna is a Berlin based DJ, ecstatic dance facilitator, musician and ceremonial leader.
Leah Luna’s sets are created with pure passion & intention. The musical elements she infuses into her journeys range from Tribal, Oriental and Afro House, over Bass House, Trance and Techno to Electronica and World Music.
Her journeys are colourful and versatile- yet deep at the same time- reflecting you, moving to the rhythms.
Let her beats take you onto the journey and step into this space of free expression, presence and healing.
“Sharing my music, medicine & presence at Lunasa 2023is a honour for me. Holding space and creating an atmosphere, where everyone is invited to fully express and celebrate in a safe way is key for me. There is more to sharing music than just the beats, coming out of the speakers. For me, sharing my music is sharing & inspiring healing on all levels.
Music is medicine- let us move in togetherness, and celebrate this life!”

listen: soundcloud.com/dj_leah_luna

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