Glowing Trees

Glowing Trees is a multi genre artist focused on the spectrum of deep end, low frequency music.
After 8 years of playing percussion for bands Glowing Trees was formed as a curious artist wanting to dive deeper into focusing on boundary-less, complex creations of electronic, instrumental and binaural focused productions, created by artists hidden in the far corners of the world.
Influenced heavily by the thriving UK influenced, deep dub scene of Christchurch, and immediately inspired big time by the festival & psychedelic scene, forest living, shamanic rhythms, sound healing, and living as a didjeridoo/drum street musician, his music is now a deep whompy combination of all these elements; always accompanied by an immersive low end, rumbly, rolly, roaring bass soundscape.
Glowing Trees is a treasure trove of 10 years collecting and playing psy/tribal dub, dubplates, shamanic downtempo, minimal psy, zenon/progressive, and Nordic shamanic to name a few, representing masterpieces by artists from Aotearoa, Czech, Norway, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain, Peru, Canada and many many more.

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