Bridging Generations – Ecstatic Dance

Bridging Generations – Ecstatic Dance

Presenter: Sybille Biedert and Theo Feint

Embark on a vibrant journey with Theo and Sybille, a dynamic mother-son duo who skillfully fuse the styles of world music, global bass, and Psy-tech progressive. Drawing from two decades of communal living, this guided Ecstatic Dance workshop is designed to align your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Energetic Bodies, fostering a deeper sense of community connection.

Immerse yourself in the Dynamic Alchemy as Theo’s musical expertise intertwines with Sybille’s motivational guidance. Together, they create a distinctive fusion that transcends generational boundaries, inviting participants to embark on a wild uplifting experience.

Presenter Bio:

Sybille is a dedicated change agent and a community weaver, with a profound commitment to facilitating personal and collective transformation. With a background as a trained Open Floor Movement teacher and a life coach, Sybille’s work centers on the realms of emotional literacy and embodiment.

Growing up around the festival scene in NZ, Resonant (Theo Feint) begun organising festivals at the age of 19, recently putting on OASIS, an early spring expedition at the Cobb Valley.
Through that, also creating opportunities to start his career as a DJ.
Theo also composes original rap, and experiments with many other genres such as Dubz, DnB, etc.

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