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*** Lumins Refund ***

Now that Luminate Festival 2019 has come to its conclusion, you can get your Lumins refunded into a New Zealand Bank Account until 6th March 2019 by following this link: .

Any Lumins that are unclaimed after 6th March 2019 will be donated to Luminate Educational and Spiritual Trust and may be used for example to build a permanent stage at Canaan Downs for community events.


An Innovative Alternative Currency for Luminate

Luminate is excited and delighted to present an alternative currency for the Luminate festival community that we have called Lumins!

Lumins at Luminate

All Adult and Youth participants will receive a free Lumins card on arrival at the festival Gate.


The card can be activated with Lumins at the Lumins Portal, situated close to the Village Market within the event site.


The final frontier for trading using cash or eftpos is at the festival Gate if buying a Ticket is needed.


Once within the festival, the Luminate community will all be trading only in Lumins which will be accepted by all Market traders, Healers, Luminate Cafes & the Info Hub. Cash doesn’t need to be carried around the event site any more.


1 Lumin will be equivalent to 1 $NZ (one new Zealand dollar) for ease of conversion.

Lumins Portal

The Lumins Portal will be open from morning to midnight during the festival.


Activating and recharging the Lumins card is free and can be done during the opening hours of the Lumins Portal each day.


Lumins are added to your card by exchanging fiat currency in the form of either cash ($NZ), eftpos or debit/credit cards. (Debit/credit cards may incur a fee & interest charge from your bank regarding its terms for withdrawing cash).

Lumins Card

The card is a new innovation, is made from eco materials and contains a small data chip, merging old and new technologies. The chip remains inactive until in close proximity to a reading device (a small battery powered scanner), whereby data is transferred by radio frequencies. The Lumins card does not require a pin number or Wi-Fi.


When you buy something from a trader, present your Lumins card and the scanner processes the payment, similar to “paywave”. You can also request a balance update at the point of sale.


Integrity is part of Luminate’s culture and thus your Lumins card is completely anonymous, and will not be linked to your name and no personal data will be collected.


Keep your Lumins card safe. If it is lost it is like you have lost your cash or wallet. All Participants are responsible for looking after their own valuables.


A fee will have to be charged for a replacement card.


If needed, parents can buy a Lumins card for a child (under 14years old) at the Lumins portal.

After Luminate

At the end of the festival, unused Lumins can be returned to participants in $NZ via the Lumins Portal, or can be donated to a designated charitable trust.


Alternatively, participants can request an online transfer after the festival for up to one month after Luminate. There is a unique code on each Lumins card for the purpose of returning unused funds after the festival.


One month after the festival, all unclaimed balances remaining will be donated to a designated charitable trust

Why Lumins?

There are many reasons for Luminate to bring in Lumins for use within the festival. As part of our management review, we had identified certain challenges for participants regarding trading that became essential to find solutions for:

  • Canaan Downs-Pikikirunga is blessed with being nearly totally free of cell phone coverage. Luminate does not wish to cover the land at Canaan Downs with cell phone coverage or Wi-Fi. Due to this, traders & healers at Luminate have not been able to offer eftpos and all purchases have required cash.
  • Participants often ran out of cash, felt reluctant to bring sufficient cash for safety reasons, or hadn’t realized that eftpos would not be widely available. A round trip to the nearest cashpoint in Takaka or Motueka would take 2 hours by car, and is not in alignment with Luminate’s culture of reducing ecological footprints.
  • Luminate attempted to help this by offering a limited eftpos service to withdraw cash, however this could only operate from one source for a few hours a day.
  • Participants  could not use their credit cards to withdraw cash at previous Luminate festivals.

It is our intention that Lumins will solve these issues, provide an easy way for all participants to make purchases within the festival, and will offer many benefits.

Benefits of Lumins

  • Lumins provides an opportunity for all festival participants to become familiar with utilising an alternative currency for trading.
  • Participants can use cash ($NZ), eftpos/debit cards, and a wide range of international debit & credit cards to receive Lumins.
  • Lumins will be a quick, safe & efficient way to complete a transaction, and there is no extra cost to participants to use this alternative currency.
  • Internet & phone coverage is not needed throughout the event site. Wi-Fi is not used in this solution.
  • Once within the festival, the Luminate community will all be trading only in Lumins which will be accepted by all Market traders, Healers, Luminate Cafes & the Info Hub.
  • Cash doesn’t need to be carried around the event site any more.

AWOP (Another Way Of Paying)

Luminate is working with an innovative partner AWOP (Another Way Of Paying), based in Hamilton, New Zealand, with a long-standing reputation of providing customised solutions for festivals and events. AWOP will be providing the Portal and technology for Lumins at Luminate.


The Lumins Portal will be managed by Luminate’s FAB crew & volunteers, in collaboration with AWOP staff.


We are impressed with AWOP’s commitment to ensuring total anonymity for Luminate’s participants, to embracing our purpose and intention around creating an alternative currency, and to finding an eco-solution for the production of the Lumins cards.

We hope that the Luminate festival community will enjoy using Lumins as an energy exchange, and will feel inspired to explore options for alternative currencies and other innovations that help our communities flourish.
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