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LUNASA – A chance to relax, recharge and restore connection with nature.

2020 has been a hugely challenging year in many regards. We feel immense disappointment about the decision to put Luminate on hold and not run a large festival as planned. We imagine that many people might share disappointment in this.
We want to offer people a way to maintain connection with Luminate; we want to continue to achieve some of the things that Luminate does to benefit the community; and we want to invite some financial support to meet the needs of Luminate Trust staying afloat and continuing to support projects on the land at Canaan Downs-Pikikirunga.

We think that the most important thing that people can do right now is to place nature as central to our co-existence.
Primarily, Lunasa provides an opportunity for people to camp with friends and family for a week in a beautiful mountain environment surrounded by native forest; to enjoy the land and its surroundings, appreciate its unique qualities, relax, recharge, and restore connection with nature.

We wish to actively support the health of the planet. The basic amenities on the land are designed to help complete the nutrient cycle, be an efficient use of natural and re-purposed resources and aim to have a net positive effect. These eco-amenities provide a means for people to engage with functional solutions, and they completely align with our values. We trust in the laws of nature, respect the nutrient cycles and honour the life force that exists within all of creation.

Lunasa also meets the need for people to gather together and socialise; to enjoy music, dance, performing arts, freedom of peaceful & creative expression; to share knowledge, inspiration, ideas, wisdom, consciousness; and to connect with each other in a space of heart-centered community. This non-alcohol event is family-friendly and welcomes all ages, from young children and teenagers, to adults and seniors.

We hope that Lunasa will attract people to attend from the local regions as well as further afield in the north and south islands, and that this will contribute to benefitting the local economy by increasing visitor numbers. Running this event also supports many local businesses.

We believe that running two zones of music will provide for a wide range of both live and electronic music to be enjoyed, which will also offer opportunities for numerous local musicians & djs to get involved and share their musical passion. Live music is likely to include influences from world grooves, jazz, blues, gypsy, balkan, klezmer, folk, roots, reggae, soul, funk, plus sound journeys and space for acoustic instruments. Producers and djs are likely to play a range of world music, house, techno, psytrance, progressive, dub, sacred bass, downbeat and chillout.

There will be one main workshop marquee along with various outdoor spaces. A daily schedule of knowledge and inspirational sharing sessions will cover a range of topics such as permaculture & organics, yoga, breathwork, meditation, personal development, compassionate (non-violent) communication, nutrition & well-being, practical skills, music, arts and circus. We will also have a holistic healing zone for experienced practitioners.
As applications are still being processed we can only give an indication of the music and workshop schedule that is likely to be at Lunasa. Volunteer applications are now open, and we welcome people to apply via the website.

We hope it is clear that whilst there are some similarities to Luminate, the scale and structure of Lunasa is quite different. We cannot run a fully-fledged multi-zone festival like Luminate for thousands of people in such uncertain times for a number of reasons.

We find it difficult to ask for help. We feel more comfortable to invite reciprocity – to invite support from people whilst also giving something back.

We considered various scenarios and chose to run with three options:

  • Invite Donations
  • Invite Membership
  • Run a small event for Members who are willing to contribute a certain amount financially.

Donations and membership are common ways that not-for-profit organisations raise funds. We have supporters all around the world, and this offers a way for people to support Luminate and stay connected no matter where they are currently.

Running a small event for members (Lunasa) is an invitation for people to consider supporting Luminate above the level of a membership fee, whilst helping to cover the event’s costs. It also provides an opportunity for the trust to continue to carry out its purpose, aims and objectives, albeit on a smaller scale than is usually possible with Luminate festival, providing benefits to the wider community and ecology.

If for any reason the event could not go ahead as planned, we would look into other options such as changing the program, postponing the event to another date, cancelling and planning a different event. As many costs need to be paid upfront It is very likely that such costs would not be recoverable. Therefore, we cannot promise to refund the gift contributions that members have made. However, we would look at what is possible given whatever situation arises, for example transferring admission passes to the rescheduled event or to another event. We would assess if any partial refunds could be offered. We are inviting people to help fund the event who would like to and who are comfortable with sharing a small part of the overall financial risk. We acknowledge that this level of uncertainty may not be acceptable to some people, and that perspective is ok too. We trust that people will choose what is right for them.

Lunasa gets its name from the ancient seasonal festival that Luminate has always synchronized with – Lughnasadgh – that takes place midway between summer solstice and autumn equinox. Traditionally it is a time for friends, family and community to gather together to acknowledge their connection with the natural cycles, and to celebrate in gratitude for the abundance of the harvest and all that is sustaining and nurturing. It is a time to be gentle with each other and the earth, and to connect with the joy of life and the wonder of nature.

Jules Harper, Rita Davies, Adriana Foreman, Irma Jager
Management team of Lunasa
On behalf of Luminate Trust

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