Addressing Concerns and Clarifying Intention

Dear community,

We heard the concerns about some of the people that were listed on the Lunasa page of Luminate’s website and wish to clarify our intentions in order to support mutual understanding.

Luminate does not endorse racism or any kind of prejudice. We advocate for diversity, tolerance and compassion.

We feel a lot of empathy and care for the massive trauma and persecution of Jewish people, and many other people of the world.

We do not have any personal experience that any of the people that were listed are supporters of QAnon or promoters of racism or fascism. We want to reassure you that Luminate is absolutely not aligned with QAnon or with any extreme far right groups.

We realise that we inadvertently stimulated confusion and upset for some people. We could have been more clear that the list was not of people who would be presenting workshops at Lunasa. Also, that Luminate was not endorsing their opinions, research and information.

We have taken all the names off the website now. We trust that this brings relief to the people who have expressed their concerns and is somewhat reassuring.

Lunasa is about sharing knowledge and empowering people with practical solutions to flourish and build resilient communities in resonance with nature, along with enjoyment of music and being together in a beautiful environment.

With love,
Jules, Rita, Irma, Adriana
on behalf of Luminate management team and Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust.

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