Qualia Movement

Qualia Movement

Presenter: Serg Tsirkov

All in one class we will engage with elements taken from 5 different Arts. From Ancient to Contemporary Movement & Wisdom.
Throughout the workshop we will go through variations of Qi Gong Sequences, Yoga Asanas, Jui Jitsu Drills, Breakdance Movements & Fascia Work.
Participants are encouraged to check in with their bodies for any prior injuries at the biginning, and then only go at their own pace, checking in with their bodies throughout the duration and only engage with the elements to their own levels of capacity without force.

The intention is for every participant to walk away with something new for themselves to incorporate into their movement repertoire.

Presenter Bio:

My experience is derived from facilitating Retreats, Ceremonies, Meditation Modalities & Festivals.
This is where Sound & Movement are intrinsic elements to people’s therapeutic experiences. A unique blend of senses via our subjective experiences are referred to as Qualia. My intention is for individuals to connect with their own divine nature & take away something new.

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