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Luminate’s purpose is to co-create a thriving festival of music, arts and inspiration that activates positive change beneficial to the ecology.

Volunteering is a meaningful way to help co-create and participate in this transformational festival, and there are many roles available requiring a broad range of skills and experience.


Luminate began in 2008, and over the years has developed a well-defined culture including ecological consciousness, innovation, participation, co-creation, self-responsibility, compassionate communication, integrity and unity in diversity.


A crucial aspect of Luminate’s culture is that we have chosen to self-organise most aspects of the festival by establishing a large and dedicated team of zone coordinators & support crew (the Luminate flotilla), who work alongside the management team (flotilla hub) to co-create and manifest a multi-faceted 8 day festival in a beautiful natural mountain environment. This means organising everything required to facilitate 5000 people coming together as intentional community for 8 days in a fairly remote location, along with providing an extensive and inspiring schedule of music, workshops, performing arts, holistic health and many other features.


Luminate flotilla work together to provide the festival community with a wide range of infrastructure & amenities, medical, security, fire safety, traffic management, information, admission systems, art & decor, ceremonies, 5 music zones, 5 workshop marquees, healing hub, circus space, village market, a visual media team of photographers & videographers, sound & lighting & vj teams, artist liaison, cashiers, electricity, plumbing, composting toilets, solar showers and lots more. Plus we run a coffee shop and 5 organic cafes to provide high quality nutrient dense food & refreshments!

All of these aspects of Luminate require teams of volunteers to help the festival to run smoothly and efficiently.

Whilst the majority of roles are during the festival, there are also roles for skilled and experienced volunteers before and after the event.

Taking care of all these requirements ourselves means that we can co-create a cohesive and harmonious festival, whereby the wide range of zones, services & features are integrated, resonant and in alignment with Luminate’s culture. This approach reverses entropy and welcomes synergy : )

Our hope is that by all of us working and co-creating together in this way, not only do we achieve Luminate’s purpose, but we also help to manifest Luminate’s vision of heart-centred community flourishing in resonance with nature.


If you are feeling inspired to join us and are keen to participate as a volunteer in Luminate 2021, there is more information provided within the Volunteer Application Information sheet.


If you feel you resonate with Luminate’s Purpose and Culture and agree with the Volunteer Application Information Sheet you are invited to join the mailing list to keep informed of volunteer application opportunities for 2021.

You are invited to apply and let us know your skills, experience and preferences for volunteering within the application form.

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