Fire Safety Information


We are Kaitiaki of the land at Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga

Being Kaitiaki of the land means caring for each other and the environment.


No Fires.

No candles or any open flame.


Take extra care if using a gas cooker –

Place cooker on a platform above the ground

Clear a 1meter circle around the cooker of all potentially flammable material

Always stay watching the gas cooker

Only cook in an open, well ventilated area.

Turn of the gas after use.

Have a container of water handy at all times.

Another option is to buy food from the market and cafes.


Smoking –

No smoking in any enclosed area or on dancefloors.

A metal tin for butts and ash is recommended to be used and carried at all times.

Extinguish all butts and ash by dampening with water.


Incense –

The burning of incense is also a fire risk.

Save it for safer conditions.


Vehicles –

Vehicle movements are restricted.

No driving in the campground, once parked the vehicle must remain parked for the duration.

All vehicles must be turned off when not moving.

Keep all access ways clear.


Care for each other –

If you see something that you feel is dangerous, report it immediately to Security.

Offer advice to others, be supportive, encourage responsible and caring actions.


In Case of Emergency

Call for help and try to deal with the situation if it is safe to do so.

Notify security or the nearest crew member and move away.

The campground and event site have marked water barrels and wet sacks – know where they are.

Know where your nearest assembly point is.

The fire alarm is a loud air horn with 3 blasts – this notifies the fire crew and all participants that there is an emergency situation.

Walk calmly to the nearest assembly point.

No vehicle movements are allowed.

Follow directions of the festival crew.

Remain calm.


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